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About us

Compliance Made Simple

FinClusive’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an automated and full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) solution in one workflow designed for traditional banks and modern financial technology companies.

  • Evaluate actual vs perceived compliance risk—of individuals and businesses.

  • Dynamically screen thousands of data and risk management sources globally.

  • Comprehensive due diligence—from basic to enhanced, and offline data—fully integrated.

Be The Bank

FinClusive’s platform is designed for inclusion—allowing organizations of all types to create and manage accounts for their clients and beneficiaries, and facilitate payments.

  • Be a compliant financial services provider without being the bank!

  • Secure U.S.-based insured accounts for companies and individuals globally.

  • Facilitate payments and transfers of value between counterparties and clients traditionally and via digital means—with full compliance coverage.

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